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cnc lathe turning

Bole has three sets Auto-Lathe machines for producing the precision turn parts.

The Maximum swing diameter of work over bed: Φ360mm, and the maximum turning

length is 650mm.

The advantages of CNC Lathe Part?

1.Top quality CNC lathe part made by most advanced equipment from Japanese and Germany;

2.High precision CNC 
lathe parts are made to assure the perfect matching degree of your project;

lathe part fabricated by ISO9001:2008,TS16949,SGS certified factory;

4.All metal materials,shapes and sizes parts are available to be CNC lathed;

5.OEM ODM precision  machining expert with 20 years factory experience;

6.ROHS approved metals in very good stock



Having provided precision CNC turning for customers ranging from the construction 
industry to the military and aerospace industries, every customer can expect 
tight tolerances, exceptional quality, and competitive pricing-no matter what their 
production requirements are.CNC Lathe Turning Capabilities 
CAD / CAM/CNC turning for complex parts in both low and high volumes.
FFL and ISO 9001:2008 certified
Stock acceptance up to 12' for high production jobs.

Three Lathes with full milling capabilities

Turning capabilities up to 24” diameter capacity

Turning Tolerances +/-.0001

At BOLE,we enjoy a challenge. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of 
providing the CNC turning and machining for some of the most complex and 
challenging projects. In addition to CNC turning - and to truly provide a 
full-service solution,BOLE
 provides a wide range of secondary operations 
both on-site and through trusted vendors. 


These services include anodizing, assembly, grinding, painting, powder coating, 
plating, and welding.Contact us today for more information on how
 BOLE can get you the CNC turning you need. 

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