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5 Axis Machining

BOLE has 4 sets DMU 5 Axis,the travels are: 650mm x 650mm x 560mm

The DMU 65 monoBLOCK® machines move a part or cutting tool along five different axis simultaneously.It provides infinite possibilities as to the part sizes and shapes you can effectively process. The term “5-axis” refers to the number of directions in which the cutting tool can move. On a 5-axis machining center, the cutting tool moves across the X, Y and Z linear axes as well as rotates on the A and B axes to approach the workpiece from any direction. In other words, you can process five sides of a part in a single setup.

Milling / turning table with Direct Drive technology for up to 1,200 rpm.

ø 33.1 in. × 19.7 in. maximum work piece dimensions and 1,763 lbs. maximum work piece weight

Swivel rotary table also as a tandem drive for even more stability and dynamics

Powerful 18,000 rpm motor spindle with 46.9 hp. and HSK-A63 in the milling / drilling package

Benefits of 5 A axis machining

The 5-axis machining center has many benefits over a traditional machining center.

The benefits of five-axis machining is the machines ability to machine complex shapes in a single set-up.This reduces the machinist setup time and increases production rates.By eliminating multiple set-ups,time and errors are reduced.Additionally,the feature-to-feature accuracy is improved because the same zero or datum reference frame is used throughout the manufacturing process.

Other advantages of five axis machining
is the shorter and more rigid tools may be used.Also,higher cutting tool speeds may be achieved while reducing the load on the cutting tool.

It offers maximum milling performance, highest machining performance and excellent accuracy with its extreme rigidity and stability.

Complete machining through milling and turning on one machine in one clamping

Small investment and small space requirements by using only one machine

Faster processing and lower logistics costs through the elimination of waiting times and steps = lower unit costs with higher accuracy

DMG 5-axis machining center was developed to make complex parts on one machine, it can cut chips on multiple sides of a part simultaneously in one setup. In addition, the process reduces idle times, increases accuracy, and increases the overall speed of production.

5-axis machining is ideal for producing complex workpieces with strict manufacturing requirements.

lReduced machining time  

lReduce costly tooling and fixtures  

lReduced production times

lSingle setup

Ability to produce complex parts  

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